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20 Baby Names With Unexpected Nicknames

When we found out that my youngest child was a little boy, we knew what his name was going to be. My husband is the fourth for his namesake, so it was only natural for our first son to be the fifth.While I loved that he was a part of a long-standing family tradition, I knew that I wanted to give him a nickname that was a bit more unexpected. His first name is Robert and his middle name is MacKay, which is what my husband goes by. I knew I wanted to call him something similar to his middle name — so after much thought and debate between my husband and I, we chose a name that sounds more common, but with a spelling that’s a little bit less common. We chose Macks. And he fits it perfectly.If you want a nickname that is a bit unusual for your little one, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 20 baby names with unexpected nicknames.GirlsElizabeth – Busy: Elizabeth is a classic and timeless name for a little girl that will never go out of style. If you love the traditional name, but want something a bit more modern for a nickname, we love Busy.Caroline – Carly: Caroline is the French name meaning free man, that has a classic feel to it. We love a softer feminine nickname like Carly for this timeless name.Adelaide – Adele: While this French name is a bit more uncommon, we love giving it a bit more of a popular nickname, Adele. Adele has gained popularity as the singer has risen to fame.Theresa – Tess: This Greek name is probably most popular for the great Mother Theresa, and while we love the traditional name, we love the shortened version of Tess too!Ariadne – Aria: A Greek name meaning, the holy one, this name is popular in Greek mythology. If you want a shortened version, consider Aria, which is an Italian name meaning melody.Michelle – Mickey: The feminine version of Michael, Michelle rose to popularity after the Beatles song. We love this less feminine nickname of Mickey for your little girl.AdvertisementPenelope – Posey: A Greek name that means Bobbin worker, we love the shortened version that also has Greek influence.Corinne – Coco: A French name meaning maiden, Corinne is a name that is timeless. Coco is a more modern version with a sweet and feminine twist.Charlotte – Chuck: While Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles,baby stores online, we love the masculine nickname of Chuck — a great gender-neutral name!Catherine – Wren: Catherine is traditional name that’s risen to popularity with the Duchess of Cambridge, and we love this classic name. For a more modern nickname, you could go with Wren,baby clothes, meaning from the farm.BoysCharles – Chaz: This is a classic name that is timeless for any little boy. We love the nickname Chaz that gives Charles a bit of a twist.Alexander – Zane: Another classic name with a modern spin for a nickname, Zane is of Egyptian origin and means noble.Jacob – Coby: Jacob has always been a classic name for a little boy, but has risen in popularity thanks to the Twilight series. We love taking the last part of the name and adding a -y for a less common nickname.Harrison – Sonny: An English name meaning son of Harry, Sonny gives Harrison a nice nod.Christopher – Topher: While Christopher is a more traditional name for a little boy, we love the modern spin of Topher as a nickname.MacKay – Macks: This unusual name actually has a classic nickname, but with a twist!Theodore – Thor: A Greek name meaning righteousness, this name has a classic feel to it. The nickname,baby feeding, Thor, is a Hebrew name meaning twin.Mason – Mase: Mason is a French name meaning stone-worker, and we love the shorter version, Mase, as an unusual nickname.Henry – Huck: Henry is a common name for a little boy, while Huck is a bit more of a spin the classic name.Jeremiah – Remy: Remy is a great shortened version of Jeremiah.

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