Guide on Configuration Files (*.conf)

protoRTP protocol
base-objectRTSP object name (default: /desktop)
titleRTSP object title
server-portRTSP server port
Audio Settings
audio-encoderAudio encoder
audio-decoderAudio decoder
audio-samplerateAudio sampling rate
audio-bitrateAudio encoding rate
audio-channelsNumber of audio channels, must be greater than zero
audio-codec-formatCodec data format of each audio sample, e.g., unsigned 8-bit and double
audio-codec-channel-layoutCodec layout of the audio channels, e.g., mono, stereo
audio-device-channel-layoutDevice layout of the audio channels
audio-device-formatDevice data type of each audio sample
audio-init-delayInitial delay time before initializing audio subsystem, in mini-seconds
Video Settings
video-encoderVideo encoder
video-decoderVideo decoder
video-fpsVideo frame rate
video-rendererUsing hardware acceleration for video rendering or not
video-specificAdditional parameters that will be passed to the video codec. This is an associative array. **A LOT OF** video parameters can be tuned. You may refer to help documents for ffmpeg or codec-specific parameters. Below only list some common parameters.
video-specific[b]The desired bitrate for video encoder (unit: bps)
video-specific[refs]Number of reference frames to consider for motion compensation
video-specific[me_method]Motion estimation algorithms, can be zero, full, epzs, esa, dia, log, phods, X1, hex, umh, and iter
video-specific[me_range]Search range of motion vectors
video-specific[intra_referesh]Use periodic insertions of intra blocks instead of keyframes
video-specific[g]Set the group of picture size
video-specific[slices]Number of slices, used in parallelized encoding
video-specific[threads]Thread count
filter-source-pixelformatThe video source pixel format, can be RGBA or BGRA.
Controller Settings
control-enabledEnable controller or not
control-portTCP/UDP port number for control messages
control-protoTransport protocol for transmitting control messages
control-relative-mouse-modeUse absolute or relative coordinates to set mouse cursor positions on the server
GA-Server-Periodic/GA-Server-Event-Driven Settings
find-window-nameThe name of the window to be captured
find-window-classThe title of the window to be captured (Windows only)
displayThe X Window DISPLAY to capture (X Window environment only)
enable-audioEnable or disable audio modules
logfileLog GA outputs into a specified file
GA-Server-Event-Driven Settings
game-exeThe absolute path pointing to the game executable
game-dirThe working directory for the game to be invoked (used only when a certain working directory is required)
game-resolutionThe screen resolution to be captured (used only when automatic resolution determination is not working)
hook-typeThe function hook to be used. On Windows, it can be d9, d10, d10.1, d11, dxgi, and sdl. On Linux, it can only be sdl now.
hook-experimentalEnable experimental codes in hook functions
enable-server-rate-controlEnable a token bucket rate controller to throttle video frame rate
server-max-tokensParameter for the token bucket rate controller
server-num-token-to-fillParameter for the token bucket rate controller
server-token-fill-intervalParameter for the token bucket rate controller (unit: micro-seconds)